A Majestic Life

This site is dedicated to the memory of my late wife, Laura Majestic Holder (July 24, 1969 – October 10, 2018) and to my process of healing after losing her.

Laura died suddenly and unexpectedly of natural causes. She left behind her husband (myself) and two teen sons, as well as her mother, brother, sister, sisters-in-law and their families, and countless friends.

Laura lived a Majestic Life. She was blessed with loving parents and a great last name from the day she was born. She often joked that I should take her last name instead of her taking mine. Sometimes I don’t think she was joking about that. To die unexpectedly at age 49 is not Majestic. It’s not ideal. It’s not fair. Somehow, though, it makes sense to me to refer to hers as a Majestic Life because that’s the way she lived it. She was beautiful and had a beautiful soul. She cared deeply, loved unconditionally and laughed frequently. In the months that have passed, I’ve realized that healing will be a life-long pursuit, and the best I can hope to do is to honor her by trying to lead my own Majestic Life.

Early times with Laura as a mother
This was our last family photo taken together on the campus of the Air Force Academy, August 2018.
August 2018 – Laura & I in Colorado, where we ultimately planned to be.